Corporate Practices

Expert legal services are essential to the successful navigation of the changing business landscape. From structuring the acquisition or sale of a business to negotiating or drafting contracts, our corporate clients rely on our vast experience in the competitive business arena.

Corporate Practices:

The clients of Reznicsek, Fraser, White & Shaffer, P.A. benefit from our attorneys’ prior experience in business and in representing clients through a number of complex and difficult situations that have led to a successful result. 

For clients involved in the acquisition or sale of businesses, we work closely with financial and business advisers to ensure that transactions are structured efficiently and in the most tax-favorable manner.  Beyond representing clients in connection with the acquisition or disposition of a business, the firm also regularly represents clients with respect to their corporate finance needs, including all aspects of equity finance (including securities compliance for both limited “private offering” transactions as well as small business issuer or public offerings.

Our firm also represents clients in the day-to-day aspects of effectively running their business, as well as dealing with the complex situations that often involve the need for legal assistance.  We assist clients in properly structuring the “human capital” component of their business, which includes employment agreements, executive compensation agreements (including deferred compensation plans, incentive stock ownership agreements, incentive stock option plans, etc.), as well as protecting legitimate business interests through non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.  Our representation of clients in the day-to-day operation of their businesses normally including preparing their standard forms of contracts for everyday use, ensuring regulatory compliance if they are in a regulated industry, and being a resource for executive management to rely upon in negotiating and structuring various business arrangements.

Our attorneys also have experience in computer law and information technology matters, helping clients develop software license and development agreements, customer internet confidentiality polices and more. We represent a broad range of clients across the industry, including software development, web-hosting, computer service and supply and internet service providers.

To learn more about our comprehensive services or to discuss your corporate matter, please feel free to contact T.J. Fraser, Robert Shaffer, or Rick Reznicsek.